Orange County, CA Change for Children Organizations

Hoag Hospital Foundation

Change for Children funds go to help support Hoag’s special support group for children called CLIMB® (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery). This free, six-week program provides emotional support to children who have a parent or caregiver with cancer. The CLIMB® program at Hoag offers 2-hour group meetings each week consecutively for 6 weeks for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

During these fun, interactive meetings, conversation and art are used to help children:

  • Enhance their knowledge of cancer and its treatment,

  • Identify and appropriately express complex feelings,

  • Improve communication with parents and family,

  • Learn that cancer is “not their fault,” and that they are not alone!

Change for Children funds are also given to support Hoag’s PADRE program (Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research Education).

PADRE provides regional support, education, and events to help bring knowledge and normalcy to families affected by diabetes. Families feel that the service PADRE provides is essential to their continual emotional well-being.

PADRE programs help many low-income and vulnerable children who live with the very challenging disease of T1D. PADRE provides over 100 classes and support groups annually to approximately 2,000 children and their parents and siblings, providing them with much-needed diabetes self-care education that goes beyond what is provided at initial diagnosis. These programs are 100% funded through philanthropy; there is no insurance or government reimbursement.

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Illness or injury shouldn’t put childhood on pause. That’s why CHOC has built a growing pediatric healthcare community of premier facilities, compassionate experts and generous donors focused on keeping kids happy and healthy.

Change for Children funds go to help support the hospital’s unrestricted KidsCARE Fund initiatives such as uncompensated care, as well as services provided by their Cherese Mari Lauhlere Child Life Department. These services include, but are not limited to, art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, yoga, coping skills and interactive play at Seacrest Studios.

Orange County Rescue mission

Orange County Rescue Mission was established in 1965 by Reverend Lewis Whitehead, a US Marine, who devoted his life to helping the poor after encountering a homeless encampment under a bridge in Orange County.

Funding from Share the Dough’s Change for Children program will go to the Parent Child Enrichment Center, which provides developmentally appropriate activities for infants, a school readiness program for children 2- to 4-years-old, and to support our afterschool tutoring and activities for school-aged children, while increasing the effectiveness of homeless parents’ parenting skills and their ability to support their children’s emotional and intellectual development.

Over the last five years, the Village of Hope admissions department has seen a dramatic increase in the number of homeless families, most notably single mothers with children. This reflects the growing national trend in family homelessness. At Village of Hope, we are at 104% bed capacity for women with children, and currently serve 79 children (infant to 15-years-old), which is 41% of the total resident population. When homeless women or single mothers with children enter the doors at Village of Hope, the first step is to address their immediate, basic needs for shelter, food and clothing. But more importantly, they address what led them to their homelessness. Village of Hope integrates biblical principles with practical strategies to help transition homeless men, women, children, veterans and military families into a life of financial self-sufficiency.