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Ways you can contribute:

  1. Change for Children- Round Up your check at our Panera Bread locations!

  2. Donation canisters (Panera Bread Cafes)

  3. Voluntary employee contributions via payroll donations (For Manna employees only)

  4. Online contributions (click the button below):

Donate Now!

If you would like to donate by check, please send to: 2339 11th St. Encinitas, CA 92024

Checks can be made payable to “Share the Dough.”

Employee Payroll Donation Authorization

Share the Dough is partly funded by Manna employees, for Manna employees. It’s easy to make a difference by giving $1 or more out of your paycheck to support a co-worker in a time of need. A dollar doesn’t sound like much, but when your dollar is added to other Manna employee’s contributions, it can make a big difference.

To make a regular, bi-weekly donation from your paycheck via payroll deduction or a one-time donation, please complete the form below. To discontinue deductions, simply submit your written request to

For Manna Employees

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