Eligibility Requirements

The requests should be for catastrophic type situations and unforeseen hardships, in which our team is unable to meet a challenge they are facing. See Eligibility Guidelines page for more details.

  1. All current employees of Manna Development Group (Active or LOA).

  2. Employed at least 90 consecutive days from the time of the grant request.

  3. Employee must have exhausted all other appropriate means of assistance.

  4. The hardship is unexpected and beyond the employee’s control, and damaging to property or individuals, result in a loss of life, health, or property.

  5. Employee must provide relevant documentation prepared by a third party

  6. An employee can only receive one grant per 12-month period.


Depending on the nature of the request, grants can range up to $1,500

See Eligibility Guidelines page for more details.

Please note: Not all requests meet the requirements for Share the Dough funding; so please provide as much background information as possible.

Requests Share the Dough does not cover:

Qualifying emergencies do not include rent or mortgage payments, circumstances that involve providing assistance to pay for debt consolidation, poor financial planning, non-essential items (i.e. cable TV, credit card payments, utility bills, etc), bail, garnishments, or other expenses deriving from non-emergency situations. Additionally, we love our pets, but we want to reserve funds for our most important part of our team – our people. For employees who drive for the company, Share the Dough does not cover wear and tear expenses for personal vehicles (as this is covered in your mileage payments) or car expenses for employee’s who have insurance coverage below the company’s minimum required policy. Extreme financial hardship and emergency situations not included in the Eligibility Requirements may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

The Share the Dough Board of Director’s and Review Committee reserve the right to change its operating policies and procedures at any time in accordance set forth in its bylaw.

Apply for Funding:

Please fill out the form below and email, scan or fax your required supporting documentation(see Eligibility Guidelines for documentation requirements) to share@mannadevelopment.com or  (760) 874-0340 (fax #) . Requests will not be processed until documentation is received.

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